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65 Reasons Why Blended Learning

Millennials and Gen Z are the driving forces behind technology, so it’s important to educate the upcoming generations on how to live in the digital age.

Blended Learning is the Future of our Students

The demands of a 21st Century education have challenged educators to rethink the traditional classroom model and technology is now being used to address the need for a more personalized learning experience for every student.

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The Relationship Between Technology & Students

It’s easy for students to get lost in the crowd if they’re having a hard time finding what it is that makes them stand out. Classrooms can be an especially difficult setting for those who aren’t academically inclined or even motivated.

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Learning Management Systems

Here are 8 classroom technology learning management systems for the classroom: 1. Google Classroom  The search engine turned 'all-things-tech' powerhouse recently announced the introduction of Classroom, its first foray into the world of LMSes. Still in...